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An overwhelming appointment

//October 4, 2019

Michael and Marg Joyce are overwhelmed at being appointed to the prestigious post of joint 2020 Sydney Swans number one ticket-holder.

The long-time Swans members were announced as next year’s number one ticket-holders at last Tuesday’s Club Champion Dinner at The Star.

Michael fell in love with the Swans when his mum Anne began taking him to see South Melbourne play at Lake Oval as a four-year-old.

An admirer of Bloods Legend Bob Skilton, Michael was an early member of the South Melbourne Bloods coterie group, is a member of the Melbourne-based Blood Brothers and is an avid supporter of the Sydney Swans Foundation.

Michael says his passion for the Swans is immeasurable.

“Mum took me to Lake Oval in South Melbourne from the age of four and I don’t think my passion for the club has changed since.”

“There’s not a day I don’t think about the people at this club. The club and the people at the club only enhance my life, I have so many great memories, I have so many magnificent friendships and I have a sense of belonging to a great club. I have a lot to thank this club for and this has to be a highlight of our life.”

Michael and Marg have replaced 2019 number one ticket-holder Cynthia Banham.

Peter Weinert assumed the role until 2008 before the club began appointing a new number one ticket-holder every year from 2009.

Michael thanked a long list of people at the Club Champion Dinner.

“I seriously need to thank those who saw fit to make the appointment,” Michael said.

“Thank you to everyone connected to this club because you’re all a part of our life. The 1.3 million people we don’t know are friends we haven’t met yet, so we look forward to meeting a lot of people over the next 12 months. We’re proud and privileged and honoured and very thankful to the club for making such an appointment, so thank you very much.”

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